Using Mesmerism for Chronic Pain

Mesmerism - the ethereal fluid.

Mesmerism, also known as animal magnetism, is a trance akin to hypnosis but quite distinct. It refers to a healing technique and form of therapy developed by the 18th-century physician Franz Mesmer. Mesmerism is based on the concept of an invisible force or fluid Mesmer believed exists within all living beings, and that imbalances or blockages of this fluid could lead to physical or mental illness. Mesmerism aims to restore the flow of this fluid and bring about healing.

Mesmerism gained popularity during its time, with many people experiencing significant improvements in their health and well-being through its practice. However, the scientific community of the time remained skeptical, and eventually, mesmerism fell out of favor. Nevertheless, mesmerism played a significant role in the development of modern hypnotism and the exploration of the mind-body connection. Today, while mesmerism is no longer widely practiced, its remains a powerful and useful technique that has it’s place in therapeutic practice.

The Mesmeric Trance

A mesmeric trance differs from a hypnotic trance in that it induces a feeling of deep calm and is known for restoring balance. This process is often accompanied by sensations of tingling, warmth, or even heaviness which has been described by people as a feeling unlike any they have felt before and “difficult to describe”.

Unlike a hypnotic session, a mesmeric session does not involve changes in belief or hypnotic suggestions. Rather is uses both the body’s own natural healing prowess as well as the practitioner’s skill to bring about an internal realignment and inner peace. Because of this characteristic, mesmerism is especially useful in the treatment of chronic pain.

Pain and Rebalancing

Because chronic pain can have multiple causes, it is important to understand why mesmerism can help. Pain can develop as a result of a previous injury that - even after the initial healing process can continue to carry the pain forward. Pain can also develop as a result of nerve damage, or inflammation, or musculoskeletal issues which arise from imbalances in the physical body.

Emotional and psychological factors often contribute to chronic pain or exacerbate its severity. Psychological conditioning can enhance the initial trauma and influence the perception and processing of pain signals. Sensitization can also occur when the nerves become overly sensitive, amplifying pain signals and leading to an increased perception of pain.

Because there are so many underlying issues, the rebalancing brought about through a mesmeric trance often helps simply by bringing the body back into alignment and releasing underlying blocks that were holding the pain in the affected area.

Mesmerism is therefore a useful tool to try in cases of chronic pain and has continues to work to bring relief to many people around the world.

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