The Sin of Alcohol


Drinking is the unknown sin. When Bob got “hammered” last night he felt many things - socially lubricated, a bit guilty for overdoing it, ignoring the upcoming hangover - but it never occurred to him that it was sinful. That is because while people are aware that lying is sin, as is stealing, or killing, and so on - most have never realized that drinking too is a sin.

...nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.

1 Corinthians 6:10

Social Drinking

Because it is a sin and the devil wants to encourage you to sin, you may notice that drinking is treated differently from other bad habits.

Have you ever asked yourself - why is drinking socially acceptable but other bad habits aren’t? No one has friends who encourage them to smoke. In fact smoking packets are festooned with horrid pictures of decaying lungs while drink bottles are decorated with attractive, bright, and sophisticated designs sure to appeal to the passer-by.

People have no problems telling smokers that they should stop, while drinkers are often egged on by their mates. Smokers often are forced to smoke in draughty, dinghy areas while the drinkers watering holes are brightly lit, attractive places filled with artificially sophisticated-looking bottles containing alcohol.

All this is to say that drinkers have to contend not only with the bad results that come from drinking - but also a set of challenges that come from the fact that they are subtly encouraged to drink by society, the movies, and the media.

So What? It doesn’t hurt anyone

Another pervasive lie that many people believe is that drinking is “not a big deal” because it doesn’t hurt anyone (besides the drinker of course). “I can do what I like to my body” seems to be the prevailing sentiment.

In truth alcohol is not, of course, without affect on other people. Impaired functionality and cognition do not truly make for better social interactions or great decision making. One statistical analysis in 2000 showed that up to 86% of homicide offenders, 60% of sexual offenders, and 57% of men involved in marital violence were drinking at the time of the offense.

These are quite astounding statistics for something that “doesn’t hurt anyone else” don’t you think?

Give it Up

People take up drinking for many reasons - for fun, to “party”, to lubricate their “social” lives, to manage stress, to cope. They give up drinking for many reasons too. Many feel more conscious these days about what they are putting into their bodies. Others feel more aware of the effects on their mental health, their focus, poor productivity or enjoyment of life. Then there are the physical effects - not just the more extreme reasons such as liver cirrhosis or cardiovascular diseases - but simply having bad skin, bad breath, poor sleep, and weight gain.

Whatever your reason, I urge you to consider giving up or reducing your alchol consumption today. Taking this decision will only enhance the quality of your life.

All the best and I’m rooting for you.

Hypnotherapy Helps

Like any other addiction, drinking is both a physical problem and a problem of habit. Hypnotherapy works by installing new patterns of behaviour to replace the habitual drinking patterns making it easier to manage a drinking habit or give up drinking entirely.

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